Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burritos

Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burritos

If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast option, look no further than these delicious bacon egg and cheese breakfast burritos. With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up a tasty and filling meal in no time.

with additional ingredients such as diced onions, peppers, or hot sauce to add more flavor to your burrito.

Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burrito

Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Burrito
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 1 Burrito


  • 4 slices of bacon
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 flour tortillas
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Cook the bacon in a skillet over medium heat until crispy. Remove from the skillet and place on a paper towel-lined plate to drain excess fat.
  • In the same skillet, crack the eggs and scramble them over medium heat until fully cooked. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Warm the flour tortillas in the microwave or on a skillet for a few seconds until pliable.
  • Place a quarter of the cooked bacon and scrambled eggs onto each tortilla, then sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese.
  • Roll up the tortillas tightly, tucking in the ends as you go to create a burrito shape.
  • Serve immediately and enjoy your delicious bacon egg and cheese breakfast burritos!



Note: Feel free to customize this recipe with additional ingredients such as diced onions, peppers, or hot sauce to add more flavor to your burrito.
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Can I make these breakfast burritos ahead of time?

Yes! These burritos are great for meal prep. Simply cook the bacon and eggs, assemble the burritos with cheese, and wrap them in aluminum foil. Store them in the fridge for up to 3 days and reheat in the microwave or oven when ready to eat.

What’s the best way to reheat these burritos?

Personally, I prefer to reheat these burritos in the oven for a crispy tortilla, but the microwave works just fine too. If you’re using the microwave, be sure to unwrap the burrito and place it on a plate before reheating. I once tried to reheat a burrito while it was still wrapped in aluminum foil, and let’s just say it didn’t end well.

Can I use different types of cheese for these burritos?

Absolutely! While I love using shredded cheddar cheese in these burritos, you can use any type of cheese you prefer. Pepper jack, mozzarella, or even a blend of cheeses would all be delicious. Just make sure to choose a cheese that melts well.

What can I serve with these breakfast burritos?

These burritos are filling enough to serve on their own, but if you’re looking for some extra sides, try serving them with fresh fruit, a side of salsa, or a dollop of sour cream. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try making some homemade guacamole to add some extra flavor to your breakfast?

Sausage Breakfast Burrito

If you’re looking for a twist on the classic bacon egg and cheese breakfast burrito, why not try using sausage instead? Cook up some crumbled breakfast sausage and scramble some eggs with it. Then assemble your burritos with shredded cheese, the sausage and egg mixture, and any other toppings you like, such as diced tomatoes or chopped green onions.

Can I use microwave bacon or store-bought bacon bits?

When making bacon egg and cheese burritos, you can use microwave bacon or store-bought bacon bits for added convenience. If using microwave bacon, simply cook according to the instructions provided on the packaging before crumbling it into the burrito mixture.


Bacon egg and cheese burritos can be a delicious breakfast option, but they may not be the healthiest. Burritos made with bacon, eggs, and cheese contain high amounts of sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat. However, you can make healthier versions of this breakfast favorite by using leaner proteins such as turkey bacon or chicken sausage.

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Freezer Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Burritos

Freezer Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Burritos are a great way to save time in the morning. They can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer for later use. These burritos are perfect for busy mornings or when you need a quick breakfast on the go.

What tortillas are best to use for Burritos?

Tortillas are an essential component of a bacon egg and cheese burrito. The best tortillas to use for burritos are those that are soft, pliable, and large enough to hold all of the ingredients. Flour tortillas are the most commonly used type of tortilla for burritos because they have a mild flavor that doesn’t overpower the ingredients inside.

Can I make these burritos with a different type of meat?

Of course! While bacon is my personal favorite for these burritos, you can substitute it with sausage, ham, or even tofu for a vegetarian option. Just make sure to cook the meat or tofu before assembling the burritos. And if you’re really feeling daring, why not try a combination of different meats or veggies? The sky’s the limit!

Can I make these burritos spicy?

Absolutely! If you’re a fan of spice, you can add some diced jalapeños or a drizzle of hot sauce to these burritos. Or, you can use a spicy cheese like pepper jack to add some heat. Just be sure to adjust the spice level to your liking, and don’t go overboard if you’re not used to spicy foods. You don’t want to start your day with a burning mouth!

Can I freeze these burritos for later?

Yes, you can freeze these burritos for up to 3 months. Just assemble the burritos as usual, then wrap each burrito tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap before placing in a freezer-safe bag. When you’re ready to eat, simply remove from the freezer and reheat in the oven or microwave until heated through.

What’s the best way to wrap a breakfast burrito?

The key to a good breakfast burrito is in the wrapping. To ensure your burrito stays intact, start by placing the filling in the center of the tortilla, leaving some space around the edges. Then, fold the sides of the tortilla over the filling, tucking them in as you go. Finally, roll up the burrito tightly from the bottom, tucking in any loose edges as you go. And remember, practice makes perfect!

Tips for Bacon Egg and Cheese Burritos

  • Use your favorite whisk for mixing
  • Parchment paper in a single layer
  • Add a side of French Toast
  • Use Monterey Jack for your melted cheese
  • Always add olive oil
  • Use your favorite rubber spatula and a medium bowl
  • skip the bacon for a vegan recipe

Can I make these burritos healthier?

If you’re looking to make these burritos a bit healthier, there are a few substitutions you can make. Try using turkey bacon or turkey sausage instead of regular bacon, or substitute egg whites for some or all of the eggs. You can also add some veggies like spinach, mushrooms, or bell peppers to add some extra nutrition. And instead of using a flour tortilla, try using a whole wheat tortilla or even a lettuce wrap for a low-carb option.

What’s the best time of day to enjoy a breakfast burrito?

While these burritos are called “breakfast burritos,” they’re delicious any time of day! Whether you enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they’re a quick and easy meal that’s sure to satisfy. And who knows, maybe one day they’ll even become a late-night snack staple.

Why are my breakfast burritos soggy?

One possibility is that the ingredients you are using are too wet, such as if you are using salsa or other sauces that are adding excess moisture to the burrito. Another possibility is that you are not allowing the filling to cool properly before assembling the burrito.


In conclusion, bacon egg and cheese burritos are a tasty meal that can be enjoyed at any time of day. The key to a successful burrito is in the wrapping technique, which takes practice to perfect. For those looking to make the burritos healthier, there are several substitutions you can make without sacrificing flavor. So give these burritos a try and enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal!

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